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Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre

The Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC) consists of a large regional network with the necessary commercial and NHS infrastructure required to facilitate the delivery of advanced therapy treatments to patients. The centre includes a wide range of specialists in advanced therapy manufacturing including academic and commercial partners, logistics companies, specialists in clinical trial delivery and teams focussed on IT solutions and health economics.

The MW-ATTC is looking to

  • Overcome the current challenges to trial recruitment to cell therapy trials by developing an empowered trials network. Building on the success of the national Haemato-oncology Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP), we will establish a trials hub and build new capacity and skills across our hospital network. This will enable us to rapidly deliver cell therapy trials
  • Establish best practice for the safe and effective delivery of ATMPs to patients by creating standardised SOPs and delivering training to staff across the hospitals network
  • Define best practice for ATMP near-patient preparation and therapy delivery by training hospital pharmacists, clinicians and technical personnel
  •  Set up robust connected supply chains for manufacture and delivery of ATMPs, including comprehensive data collection and analysis, leveraging the proven capabilities of our commercial partners
  • Develop and deliver comprehensive data systems that track and trace all samples and ATMPs, both along the manufacturing supply chain and within hospitals
  • Ensure best practice for patient follow-up and subsequent data capture. This will be critical for health-economic analysis, for verification of efficacy, and subsequently steer future prescription and clinical decisions

Key Objectives

Our 8 work packages provide detail on activities to be completed. These are described briefly below:

Programme Management

This work package covers the management of the programme as well as the coordination of public and patient engagement to ascertain their perspective on the value and benefits of ATMP therapies.

Clinical Delivery

We are looking to create patient and product process maps that capture all the steps involved, from initial referral through to follow-up. This will include identifying estates, technical, clinical, operational, governance and educational resources in order to develop and establish both current and future ‘standard’ specifications for the routine delivery of ATMP therapies.

Logistics I & II

Our logistics partners are looking to create turnkey solutions for companies wishing to treat patients with an ATMP product at clinical sites so that material handling, traceability, logistics and control parameters for different types of ATMPs can be managed and documented electronically. This includes the provision of an end-to-end cryochain solution using hardware systems that ensures cell viability and preservation of ATMP products.


This includes production of a comprehensive process development template that captures all the steps in ATMP production thus allowing evaluation of manufacturing requirements. This will also provide an evaluation of logistics technologies requirements in ATMP manufacturers’ protocols.

Trials Acceleration Programme

We are planning on establishing a model framework for the Therapy Acceleration Programme for Cellular Therapies that will be responsible for the dissemination, across the four clinical sites, of the MW-ATTC trials. This will be a resourced and incentivised clinical research network with the ability to increase the speed of delivery of commercial and academically sponsored clinical trials in cellular therapy.

Economic Evaluation

This will evaluate and establish baseline requirements to inform the development of tools / models to aid the assessment and commissioning decisions for the future use of ATMP therapies.


This work stream will involve creating systems to facilitate ATMP ordering and scheduling as well as the collection of long term registry data which could support tasks such as performance-based payment.


The MW-ATTC covers the Midlands and Wales, with clinical sites based in Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham and Swansea.

Leadership team

Prof Philip Newsome PhD, FRCPE
Prof Philip Newsome PhD, FRCPE
MW-ATTC Director

Director of Centre for Liver & Gastrointestinal Research
Deputy Director of NIHR Birmingham BRC
Professor of Hepatology & Consultant Hepatologist

Dr Mark Briggs
Dr Mark Briggs
Welsh Blood Service

Deputy Director

Nisha Sungum
Nisha Sungum
MW-ATTC Programme Manager

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Our partners

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) is one of the highest performing healthcare organisations in Europe with a proven international reputation for its quality of care, information technology, clinical education and training and research.

UHB is a regional centre for cancer, has the second largest renal dialysis programme in the UK and has the largest solid organ transplantation programme in Europe. It also provides a series of highly specialist cardiac and liver services and is a major specialist centre for burns and plastic surgery. The Trust is also a regional Neuroscience and Major Trauma Centre and is world-renowned for its trauma care. The Trust employs more than 9,000 staff and runs the largest single site hospital in the country.

Nisha Sungum
MW-ATTC Programme Manager

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is ranked amongst the world’s top 100 institutions. Its work brings people from across the world to Birmingham, including researchers, teachers and more than 5,000 international students from over 150 countries.

Dr Parini Mankad
Rheumatology Research Group Manager

Welsh Blood Service (Velindre University NHS Trust)

Dr Mark Briggs
Head of Cell and Gene Therapy

Nottingham University Hospitals

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Prof Poulam Patel
Professor of Clinical Oncology

NHS Blood and Transplant

Dr Ceri Roberts
Senior Scientific Consultant – Advanced Therapies

Asymptote GE

Dr Bill Shingleton
Alliances Manager

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The success of a cell therapy clinical trial rests on the ability to deliver a viable, potent product – the direct result attributable to the strategy. Thermo Fisher Scientific is positioned with resources and global expertise to support customers on the path towards commercialization. Our global infrastructure enables customers to conduct clinical trials across multiple geographies while providing patients with access to life changing therapies. Cryogenic storage and logistics allow us to configure each site to meet specific requirements of individual clinical trial. We can help navigate many of the unforeseen challenges associated with cell therapy clinical development and commercialization.

Richard Bazell
Senior Project Manager


Rexgenero is a late-stage regenerative medicine company developing advanced cell-based therapeutics for the treatment of critical limb ischemia (CLI), a large global market with high unmet medical need.

Dr Edwin Wagena
Chief Operating Officer


Dr Ryan Guest
Director of Cell Production

Orbsen Therapeutics

Dr Stephen Elliman
Chief Scientific Officer


Dr Matthew Lakelin
VP Business Development and Scientific

World Courier

World Courier is a global specialty logistics company that designs world-class logistics and supply chain programmes in complete alignment with our customers’ business goals. Pharmaceutical companies rely on us because they value the peace of mind that comes with our unsurpassed knowledge, global reach and flawless supply chain execution. Each trusted partnership we form with a customer is deeply rooted in our shared vision of improving global health. With 2,000+ associates in more than 140 offices across the globe, we offer solutions that instil confidence in the on-time, on-temperature delivery of critical products. When trust is absolutely essential, there’s only one choice: World Courier.

Simon Ellison
Cell and Gene Therapy Service Director

Miltenyi Biotec

Michele Giroux
Country Manager UK &Ireland

Birmingham Health Partners

Birmingham Health Partners is a strategic alliance between the NHS and University of Birmingham, which sits at the centre of a regional population of over five million people. Accelerating patient access to new, innovative medicines and technologies is at the heart of what the organisation does.
Excellent academics and clinicians working together, along with a very large and diverse catchment area, give Birmingham and the broader West Midlands a comparative advantage in translational research, in particular clinical trialling.

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